Latest at AIPPEN

  • CAB V Call for Abstracts

    Collaborating Across Borders V is now calling for abstracts. Click on the link to download the form. Abstracts close Friday 19 December, 2015. CAB V is from 29 September - 2 October, 2015 in Roanoke, Virginia.

  • Health as a bridge to peace: the role of transformative education

    Health professionals as first responders in conflict situations and their emerging role as brokers of peace. A powerful blog on the growing role of health care professionals in regions of conflict and the importance of transformative learning. Click on the link to read the full blog.

  • Be part of the discussion: The development of a new instrument to measure outcomes of IPE

    Matthew Oates, PhD student at La Trobe University, is designing a new self-report instrument to measure outcomes of IPE in pre-qualification health professional students. He is seeking academics, experts or those with a special interest in the field of IPE to take part in a virtual discussion group as part of his PhD research. The purpose of these discussion groups is to review construct maps and instrument items that have been developed and to provide feedback to inform the development of the instrument. Discussion groups will be held during the month of August and your participation is warmly invited. If you are interested in being involved and can spare an hour of your time, please register your interest by email to or click on the link above to start an email.

  • News From The Nexus

    News from the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education, including implementing the Nexus in Michigan, results from the CLARION and connecting with the ATBH conference series.

  • National Center launches new collection

    of measurement instruments for interprofessional practice and education research. The searchable, curated collection is available in the center's Resource Exchange, and includes direct access to many instruments. To read more in the center's e-newsletter click here.

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AIPPEN brings together individuals, groups, institutions and organisations committed to promoting and supporting interprofessional learning and improving collaborative practice, with the ultimate goal of achieving quality patient-centred care.

The Sydney Interprofessional Declaration 2010

View the Sydney Interprofessional Declaration (pdf file, 197kb) established by the participants of the All Together Better Health 5 (ATBH5) International Conference held in Sydney on 6th–9th April 2010.

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