Top Mistakes Teachers Make

Top Mistakes Teachers Make

  1. Lone Ranger

We look to do things alone and by ourselves. We try really hard to go at it lone and think that any sort of help is equal to being coward. But the truth of the matter is that everyone needs some sort of help when they start out.

  1. Control

A lot of teachers have this twisted sense of reasoning and feel that control equates to respect. We have seen a lot of teachers, whose fuse is super short and the minute something goes south; they lose it. They would instead find a reason to blame someone than to turn around and accept their shortcomings. We don’t know where this sort of behaviour originated, but it is one that is hugely counter-productive.



  1. Seriousness

Have you ever gone to a class where everyone absolutely fears you? Do you feel great about yourself? Teaching is supposed to be a profession that is one of the most inspiring things in nature. But the fact of the matter is that a lot of teachers want to be dangerous in the classroom because they think teaching is some sort of massive sacrifice that they are doing and without this sacrifice, nothing will work is what their thought process is like. And in all honesty, teachers think that being serious is necessary and if they are jovial and fun, they could get attached to students. We are not even sure they are hearing themselves right now. Most teachers still live in the mindset of clerical production of batches and batches of children.



  1. One Process

Teachers for some reason feel threatened if they are challenged by a student, who has found a different way to arrive at the answer. They get defensive and say that it is either their way or the high way. The truth is, a lot of the times curriculums don’t mention how to reach an answer, but teachers take it upon themselves to reach a conclusion on how to reach that answer. The one thing that is super weird is how threatened they feel by the whole thing; they act like the kid who thought of the different process can replace them or something. It is just outright weird and a sign of extreme insecurity in terms of their position, but more so on themselves.

It is time teachers took a chill-pill and learnt how to take a class.

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