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Seeing in Colour: Expanding Your Art Supplies

Australian artists love staying on trend by expanding their supplies inventory. It can often be frustrating to figure out what to add to a collection. Luckily, many resources can aid an expansion project and help you find exactly what you need. Every artist’s needs are different, and people prioritise those needs in many different ways. Here’s how to find the perfect home-base store in Melbourne, Australia:





Firstly, finding a convenient location is often a top priority. Melbourne is a huge metropolis. There’s loads of public transport available to get from point A to point B within reasonable time frames. Fitzroy is notoriously known as a “hipster” neighbourhood. Many artsy and creative people live there. With lots of street art and other interesting sights, Fitzroy is a good place to start on the hunt for new art supplies.




Are you on a budget? Are you seeking a more high-end range of products? Cost is a large factor in what drives a consumer to make or abandon a purchase. Additionally, art supplies are historically on the pricier side of the spectrum. Every new paint colour can add up quickly. These days, art supply stores are sometimes categorised by price scales. For example, some stores label themselves as “budget” options. Sometimes, they’ll even have high-end brands on a mega discount!




The young crowd in Melbourne is renowned for being ahead of the top trends that are seen on other continents. This doesn’t only pertain to fashion and food: social media experts also keep updates on the latest trends in fine arts. Stores in all areas of expertise have higher standards for themselves to meet the needs of their customers. Several are converting to “boutique” style, where they’re updating their decor and products to match what is currently “in.”


In art, trends usually pertain to colour schemes and particular styles. Social media can help navigate these often bumpy waters. Right now, pastel colour palettes are favoured amongst younger people. Teens are also adopting a quirky style. Avant-garde themes are making a comeback in a big way. After all, art is all about self-expression.




If you’re building a collection to fulfil a school requirement, buying in bulk may be a good option. Some stores specialise in bulk products at discount prices, and they’ll usually sell premier brands at convenient prices. This strategy also works if you are dedicated to a particular brand. Buying in bulk makes it easier to focus on a project for a longer period.


Online vs. In-Store


Living in a big city like Melbourne may make it seem intimidating to be an in-store shopper. It’s easy to order art supplies from the comfort of your dorm at Uni, but there are pros and cons to both approaches. When you buy in person, you’re more likely to be able to take advantage of sales and coupons that are offered. Sometimes, certain promotions are in-store-only, and you cannot access them online at all. Also, buying in-store helps support smaller businesses within the community. You might even get some beneficial tips from fellow artists that work there!


Being an artist in today’s world is far different than it was a decade ago. There are so many options to choose from! With these tips, it will be easy to find a leading art supply store in Melbourne.

Advice for Parents who send their kids to North Rockhampton Childcare

Are you thinking about employing North Rockhampton childcare services? There might be quite a few questions in your mind. Not all parents feel confident at leaving their toddlers at a day care center. They may have worries and concerns of their own. How their child might react to a new environment. Whether their children would feel happy and safe in their surroundings. Such questions are pretty common. However, the following words of advice would definitely help put a parents mind to ease.

Make your children independent

As parents we are always concerned about how our kids might be able to do a certain task. Often parents rush in to help their child before they even make an effort on their own. The key is to expect a bit more from your child. Let them handle every day basic tasks like eating food on their own. Sipping water from a cup and going to the loo. These things albeit small can help boost a child’s confidence and make them readier for school.

Let your child handle basic tasks

You might feel the need to rush in and help your child zip up their jacket. After all it saves time. However, allowing your child to accomplish the task on their own would help make them feel satisfied in their achievement. These small baby steps lead to bigger and more difficult tasks which the child completes with ease as time goes by.

Allow your child to solve simple problems

Perhaps there’s a book at the top of the shelf your child might not be able to reach. You might have the urge to get the book yourself. Pause. Practicing the pause would allow your child to work up a solution on his or her own. He might get a stool, climb it and get the book. Basic problem solving can help improve a child’s desire to do bigger tasks without help and make them independent.

Praise your child

Children often respond to behavior which gets attention. If your child does something well make sure you appreciate them. Whether it is something as small as finishing their meal to picture reading. Similarly if your child is going through a stubborn stage, make sure to ignore bad behavior and focus on their good attitude. The more you appreciate their good things they would be motivated to do god on a constant basis.

Develop a routine

Children would cooperate more if they know what is expected of them. Sending your child to bed on the same time everyday might seem difficult, however it’s an important routine which you must establish. Let your children learn the importance of carrying out all tasks on a certain time. This will help keep them relaxed and a great deal less cranky.

Give transition warnings

Instead of switching off the TV and expecting a tantrum in return, give your child warnings. Let them understand that near bed time the TV is switched off and book reading is allowed. When children are warned of the next transition, they are able to handle it easier and there are fewer tantrums.

Developing these simple habits would allow your child to settle at a playschool easier.



The Pros and Cons of Daycare Centers

Daycare centers are committed to taking care of preschool children. In recent times, Newmarket daycare centers have become pretty common as both parents in the house have to work to make ends meet. A daycare center provides the care that the parents should have provided to the children.

A good daycare center is one that takes all the worry away from parents as they work. However, just like using any other kind of care for your children, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with a day care.

5 Advantages of Using Newmarket Daycare Services

Interaction with Other Kids and Adults

At a daycare center, your child is able to interact with other children and adults. Your child learns how to share, teamwork, sole problems and play with others well. Kids also get to interact with other adults besides their parents and relatives.

It provides them with other people they can emulate as mentors and appreciate as authority figures. They also get guidance from other adults, learning more than they could at home because of varied experiences at day care centers.

Easy Transition to Kindergarten

While thinking about which daycare to choose in Newmarket, consider that these centers employ services of people trained in early childhood education. Therefore, children learn some of the things they would learn in kindergarten such as singing. They also get used to the schedules to adjust quickly when in kindergarten.

Licensing and Regulation

Most Newmarket daycare centers are regulated and therefore offer a more reliable care option for parents unlike use of nannies. Required standards are met for safety and professional care of your child.


Daycare centers are more affordable than having to leave your children with a nanny. They provide a more economical solution for parents in today’s hard economic times.

Academic Advancement

Research has shown that children that go through professional daycare centers perform better academically in their teens than those without any other kind of child care.

Disadvantages of Using Daycare Services

Taking your child to a Newmarket daycare also comes with disadvantages. Here are some of the cons you should expect:

Regular Sickness

Children at a daycare fall sick more often than those at home. This is due to the high exposure of germs at the center as they share everything. Communicable diseases also spread easily in a daycare center if one of the kids is affected.

Working Hours

Newmarket daycare centers might not be helpful because of their working hours, especially for parents working in shifts. Also, daycare centers can charge you more if you have to pick your kid later than expected.

You Have to Stay Home When Your Child is Sick

Most newmarket daycare centers do not accept children when they are sick. This therefore means you will have to stay at home whenever your child is sick.

Daycare centers are helpful for parents that have to work. They also provide pleasant activities for child growth. However, do some homework before choosing a Newmarket daycare to use.

Darwin Child Care

The Darwin area offers multiple solutions for quality child care as needed by its resident families. Whether partial or full-time, specialists and early educators are available by region and can assist you in supplying your child with the physical care and educational development he or she needs. Insight Early Learnings Darwin childcare centre is one of the leading child care centres they are highly recommended by various schools and parents. 

Child Care Centres

This type of childcare is frequently operated by a non-profit organization, but can also be run by a religious group or government institution. The program may be either be available for partial or full days. Child care centres frequently sort children by age, so your four-year-old can play and learn with other four-year-olds. Typically, care centres are run by licensed staff who have received or are working toward their National Quality Standard (NQS), which certifies that they have met the Australian governmental requirements for child safety, educational suitability, and efficiency at collaborating with families to benefit their children’s wellbeing.

Family Daycare

Contrasting its child care centres, Darwin’s family daycares are run by individual caregivers who have gone into business for themselves as opposed to choosing affiliation with larger organizations. Family daycares are typically operated out of the individual’s home and are also required to meet standards for cleanliness and professional competency. These childcare centres may cater to a single age range or offer care for children up to age 12.


The goal of Darwin preschools is to prepare your child for entry into the educational system. Preschools generally operate by a set curriculum that incorporates active play with skills that ease children into familiarity with a school-like structure. Some may incorporate Montessori, Reggio Emilia, or Steiner methods into their programs: Ask the coordinators about their curriculum if you have a preferred method.

Prolonged Care

If your child is already enrolled in preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school and needs additional supervision outside of classroom hours, consider before or after-school programs. This type of child care may be affiliated with your school of choice and offer supplemental programs, activities, and direction for young students.


Darwin nannies are available for families who prefer primarily one-on-one direction for their children. Nannying services typically include the option of in-home care and may be a practical choice for families in rural locations. Specialized nannies are available for children with disabilities; in this situation as well, in-home care is possible when special considerations make traveling to and from group daycares burdensome. Some nannies are also open to the practice of nanny-sharing. This refers to when two or more families agree to hire a single nanny for their children and share the cost of payment. In this circumstance, the nanny may care for all the children together, or work part-time at each individual family’s house based on when her services are needed. While nanny shares are not always acceptable in specific regions, they are legal in Darwin.

Au Pairs

A more specialized form of child care, Darwin au pairs are typically hired from foreign countries. The cost of their services may be lessened by the inclusion of their room and board. The benefits of this arrangement include consistent on-site child care as well as the child’s exposure to various ethnicities and cultures. To ensure that you receive the services of a qualified au pair, consider hiring one through a verified regional agency or website.




The physical infrastructure, the didactic, and pedagogical material, the professionals in charge, the educational program, the food and even the moments dedicated to the game, should be analysed when choosing the best kindergarten for a child.

Therefore, this election process cannot last only a few hours, but it deserves many days and enough patience, until finding characteristics such as safety, learning, nutrition and excellent child development as basic foundations that suit the taste of parents and the need of the children.

Specialist’s recommendation

According to some paediatricians, who have specialised in child development, the garden offers the child a socialising environment. Here, when he is ‘faced’ by younger children of his age, he has to mature certain social skills such as waiting for a shift, managing frustration -To notice that not everything is for him-, the fact that he is not always the first and share toys.

The garden means the beginning of another stage in the development of children, because they will be in a different place in the house and will be related to people outside their family group.

Hence the importance of giving a good start to the process, choosing a suitable place for the other stages of personal and physical growth to be lived with total normality, without having to regret future adverse situations.

Looking with a magnifying glass

Asking about everything, without fear of looking very preventative, is the first recommendation for parents when they visit the child care centres.

And it is not for less, due to the fact that in many occasions the omission of details such as nutrition, playing times and tools that will be used as playful and educational aids will influence the child’s bad times if he, for example, is allergic to certain foods.

To count on the list of educators with preschool degrees, psychologists and therapists, both language and occupational, is fundamental because they are professionals that each one, within their field of study, contributes important elements in each development area.

Also and as a complement to the above, the idea is to have people capable of handling babies of different ages.


Another important factor is the job stability of teachers. It is not good to rotate the professional plant every six months or every year, because there is no continuity in the educational process or in the identification of the garden.

The proportion in number between children and adults gives security on the care that the children will have and the quality of education they will receive.

Thus, the best thing is that there should be an adult for every six children, with a teacher and assistant per group.

What about education?

Another fundamental point is the academic program, which, according to the experts, must ensure an approach aimed at stimulating the development of skills in the areas of language, motor skills, cognitive, social, artistic and sporting advances, as well as activities that promote the reading-writing.

This is where you have to take into account the infrastructure of the space (bathrooms made with children in mind, safe parks, movement areas, aspects of furniture and large outdoor spaces), didactic and pedagogical materials (they should be available to children and not hung all the time). The schedules stipulated for the game and external play activities (minimum one hour to one hour and a half).

Why Send your Child to a Private School

Have you been considering sending your child to a private school? As parents you might want what is best for your child. You would want to make sure you invest in your child’s future in such a way that they can turn into successful and responsible adults. At a private school you can rest assured that your child gets the best in both academics and extra-curricular activities. These days it’s just not enough to strive for academic excellence, in fact children who can balance academics with some extra learning are more successful in securing admissions in the best colleges.

The following are a few reasons why you should consider sending your child to a private school in Brisbane.

You want your child to study in an academically sound environment

Besides being more academically inclined private schools also cater to children who have special needs. If a child has dyslexia or any learning issues, there are several private schools which are especially dedicated for children who need additional help with learning.

If a child is facing learning difficulties at school, it might hinder their mental and emotional growth. They might find themselves facing ridicule and misunderstanding. It can have a negative impact on the child. At a private school you know your child is in safe hands. They would have the best teachers. Those teachers who are dedicated towards children with learning difficulties. In fact research ah proved that children who might have been academically challenged at a public school might find themselves in a much better position when sent to a private school.

The staff at a private school is much more supportive. They can teach your child to overcome their learning issues in a positive manner.

You are looking for advanced placement courses which are not offered at regular public schools

If your child is looking for an advanced placement course which is not commonly offered at their school, they might want to consider admission in a private school. There are a total of thirty or more AP courses, out of which only ten to twenty are taught in schools. Children can achieve academic excellence when they stretch themselves. Learning to do their very best in high school can pave way for future success of your child.

You are looking for a strong sports program for your child

Over a period of time, sports program are being slowly eliminated from the public school sector. The attention is more on basic learning with very little time allotted to sports. If you think your child has a special talent for a particular port, they need to attend an academic program where they can prove their prowess in the sports as well. This is where private schools come in. they have sports facilities which are excellent, sports lie rowing or polo for example.

It all comes down to finding the right private school in Brisbane for your child.

Making Sure you Raise a Socially Aware Child

As your child reaches the age to enrol in kindergarten, there are certain changes which you would note in them. You would find your child becoming more attuned to his or her surroundings. Children are social by nature. They enjoy indulging in play and interaction. They like peaking to children their own age. However, it is important that children learn some social skills. So how do you go about making sure your child is socially aware? It’s quite simple, just make sure of the following tips from kindergartens in Townsville and you are bound to have a socially intelligent child.

Helping you child learn social interactions

As adults we have an easy access to the rest of the world in the form of social media as well as face to face interactions with the people within our circle. Whereas children have interactions which are solely limited to their family and if they are attending child care than their peers of the same ages and their care givers.

When children are taught social awareness they learn how they actually fit into the scheme of things. They learn acceptance and tolerance. They learn interactions with people who come from different backgrounds. So instead of getting a cultural hock when they enter a kindergarten, they become easily adaptable. They learn the importance of group work, team building and learning to share their ideas and things.

One way to help your child learn social awareness is by introducing them to socio-dramatic play. This helps children to respect diversity and be accepting to anyone who is different from them socially and culturally.

  • You could start by telling children stories from all over the world. Normally fairy tales are a great way of introducing your child to different cultures. Aesop fables and tales from Grimm brothers all explore people belonging to different cultural backgrounds.
  • Once your child becomes interested in reading or learning about these stories you must allow them to indulge in some form of pretend play. There should be one corner in your home or at the day care which has some props and costumes. These things are used by children to enact their favorite characters and act out their roles.
  • Role playing doesn’t need any lectures. It is simply providing your child an outlet to explore the world around them. Some children like dressing up the part as characters in stories while others might want to dress as doctors, teachers and fire fighters. Al these help make your child socially aware.
  • Teach young children social interaction skills like saying hellos and goodbyes. You could start by allowing children to observe you in familiar surroundings. Later on show them these exchanges in different social settings and across cultures as well. Children have minds like a sponge. They are able to absorb different words, enhance their vocabulary and also learn different experience all at a fast pace. Just a little push in the right direction can help your child become an apt learner.

At kindergarten in Townsville, you can expect your child to learn all tis and a great deal more.

Top 4 Common Challenges Teachers Face

  1. Names

Imagine having to remember the names of every student in your class for a year and then a new bunch of students fill your class up the next. Great teachers would know each and every student’s name, but such lofty ambitions can be a rigorous and tedious task. Teachers have to not only adapt to the style of the class, but should also try to personalise what is being taught to each individual student. The amount of planning that has to go into such an effort is massive and could easily become a tiring task. There is no wonder why, a lot of teachers experience burnout by the end of it.



  1. Discipline

You know how difficult it can get when you are a parent of a seven-year-old right? Now take that feeling and amplify it by like 1000, that’s how difficult it is to be a teacher. Because unlike having a kid, a teacher needs to be outside of the realm of bias to ensure that he or she is fair to all the children. A teacher needs to be able to manage the class effectively and go on to ensure that disruptive students are not just punished, but also straightened out the right way. Such efforts take time and a lot of planning to do successfully.

  1. Time Management

Teachers need to be able to manage time effectively. They would be required to sort out their entire semester or year to ensure that they have time for everything. When we speak about time management, we are not just referring to the time it takes to complete a class, but the complete planning of everything from tests, grading and other work that is required for the proper development of students as per the requirements of the curriculum.



  1. Age

More often than not what happens is that students or rather kids tend to be troublesome and demeaning towards teachers because they seem to forget that you come from the same century as them. So it would require a lot of convincing for your students to look at you as a member of the same century. It might seem like a stupid thing, but most teachers would agree that acceptance from students is one of the primary motivators for them to continue doing what they do.

These are just some of the challenges that teachers go through on a daily basis.

Top Mistakes Teachers Make

  1. Lone Ranger

We look to do things alone and by ourselves. We try really hard to go at it lone and think that any sort of help is equal to being coward. But the truth of the matter is that everyone needs some sort of help when they start out.

  1. Control

A lot of teachers have this twisted sense of reasoning and feel that control equates to respect. We have seen a lot of teachers, whose fuse is super short and the minute something goes south; they lose it. They would instead find a reason to blame someone than to turn around and accept their shortcomings. We don’t know where this sort of behaviour originated, but it is one that is hugely counter-productive.



  1. Seriousness

Have you ever gone to a class where everyone absolutely fears you? Do you feel great about yourself? Teaching is supposed to be a profession that is one of the most inspiring things in nature. But the fact of the matter is that a lot of teachers want to be dangerous in the classroom because they think teaching is some sort of massive sacrifice that they are doing and without this sacrifice, nothing will work is what their thought process is like. And in all honesty, teachers think that being serious is necessary and if they are jovial and fun, they could get attached to students. We are not even sure they are hearing themselves right now. Most teachers still live in the mindset of clerical production of batches and batches of children.



  1. One Process

Teachers for some reason feel threatened if they are challenged by a student, who has found a different way to arrive at the answer. They get defensive and say that it is either their way or the high way. The truth is, a lot of the times curriculums don’t mention how to reach an answer, but teachers take it upon themselves to reach a conclusion on how to reach that answer. The one thing that is super weird is how threatened they feel by the whole thing; they act like the kid who thought of the different process can replace them or something. It is just outright weird and a sign of extreme insecurity in terms of their position, but more so on themselves.

It is time teachers took a chill-pill and learnt how to take a class.