Making Sure you Raise a Socially Aware Child

Making Sure you Raise a Socially Aware Child

As your child reaches the age to enrol in kindergarten, there are certain changes which you would note in them. You would find your child becoming more attuned to his or her surroundings. Children are social by nature. They enjoy indulging in play and interaction. They like peaking to children their own age. However, it is important that children learn some social skills. So how do you go about making sure your child is socially aware? It’s quite simple, just make sure of the following tips from kindergartens in Townsville and you are bound to have a socially intelligent child.

Helping you child learn social interactions

As adults we have an easy access to the rest of the world in the form of social media as well as face to face interactions with the people within our circle. Whereas children have interactions which are solely limited to their family and if they are attending child care than their peers of the same ages and their care givers.

When children are taught social awareness they learn how they actually fit into the scheme of things. They learn acceptance and tolerance. They learn interactions with people who come from different backgrounds. So instead of getting a cultural hock when they enter a kindergarten, they become easily adaptable. They learn the importance of group work, team building and learning to share their ideas and things.

One way to help your child learn social awareness is by introducing them to socio-dramatic play. This helps children to respect diversity and be accepting to anyone who is different from them socially and culturally.

  • You could start by telling children stories from all over the world. Normally fairy tales are a great way of introducing your child to different cultures. Aesop fables and tales from Grimm brothers all explore people belonging to different cultural backgrounds.
  • Once your child becomes interested in reading or learning about these stories you must allow them to indulge in some form of pretend play. There should be one corner in your home or at the day care which has some props and costumes. These things are used by children to enact their favorite characters and act out their roles.
  • Role playing doesn’t need any lectures. It is simply providing your child an outlet to explore the world around them. Some children like dressing up the part as characters in stories while others might want to dress as doctors, teachers and fire fighters. Al these help make your child socially aware.
  • Teach young children social interaction skills like saying hellos and goodbyes. You could start by allowing children to observe you in familiar surroundings. Later on show them these exchanges in different social settings and across cultures as well. Children have minds like a sponge. They are able to absorb different words, enhance their vocabulary and also learn different experience all at a fast pace. Just a little push in the right direction can help your child become an apt learner.

At kindergarten in Townsville, you can expect your child to learn all tis and a great deal more.

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