The Pros and Cons of Daycare Centers

The Pros and Cons of Daycare Centers

Daycare centers are committed to taking care of preschool children. In recent times, Newmarket daycare centers have become pretty common as both parents in the house have to work to make ends meet. A daycare center provides the care that the parents should have provided to the children.

A good daycare center is one that takes all the worry away from parents as they work. However, just like using any other kind of care for your children, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with a day care.

5 Advantages of Using Newmarket Daycare Services

Interaction with Other Kids and Adults

At a daycare center, your child is able to interact with other children and adults. Your child learns how to share, teamwork, sole problems and play with others well. Kids also get to interact with other adults besides their parents and relatives.

It provides them with other people they can emulate as mentors and appreciate as authority figures. They also get guidance from other adults, learning more than they could at home because of varied experiences at day care centers.

Easy Transition to Kindergarten

While thinking about which daycare to choose in Newmarket, consider that these centers employ services of people trained in early childhood education. Therefore, children learn some of the things they would learn in kindergarten such as singing. They also get used to the schedules to adjust quickly when in kindergarten.

Licensing and Regulation

Most Newmarket daycare centers are regulated and therefore offer a more reliable care option for parents unlike use of nannies. Required standards are met for safety and professional care of your child.


Daycare centers are more affordable than having to leave your children with a nanny. They provide a more economical solution for parents in today’s hard economic times.

Academic Advancement

Research has shown that children that go through professional daycare centers perform better academically in their teens than those without any other kind of child care.

Disadvantages of Using Daycare Services

Taking your child to a Newmarket daycare also comes with disadvantages. Here are some of the cons you should expect:

Regular Sickness

Children at a daycare fall sick more often than those at home. This is due to the high exposure of germs at the center as they share everything. Communicable diseases also spread easily in a daycare center if one of the kids is affected.

Working Hours

Newmarket daycare centers might not be helpful because of their working hours, especially for parents working in shifts. Also, daycare centers can charge you more if you have to pick your kid later than expected.

You Have to Stay Home When Your Child is Sick

Most newmarket daycare centers do not accept children when they are sick. This therefore means you will have to stay at home whenever your child is sick.

Daycare centers are helpful for parents that have to work. They also provide pleasant activities for child growth. However, do some homework before choosing a Newmarket daycare to use.

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