Seeing in Colour: Expanding Your Art Supplies

Seeing in Colour: Expanding Your Art Supplies

Australian artists love staying on trend by expanding their supplies inventory. It can often be frustrating to figure out what to add to a collection. Luckily, many resources can aid an expansion project and help you find exactly what you need. Every artist’s needs are different, and people prioritise those needs in many different ways. Here’s how to find the perfect home-base store in Melbourne, Australia:


Firstly, finding a convenient location is often a top priority. Melbourne is a huge metropolis. There’s loads of public transport available to get from point A to point B within reasonable time frames. Fitzroy is notoriously known as a “hipster” neighbourhood. Many artsy and creative people live there. With lots of street art and other interesting sights, Fitzroy is a good place to start on the hunt for new art supplies.


Are you on a budget? Are you seeking a more high-end range of products? Cost is a large factor in what drives a consumer to make or abandon a purchase. Additionally, art supplies are historically on the pricier side of the spectrum. Every new paint colour can add up quickly. These days, art supply stores are sometimes categorised by price scales. For example, some stores label themselves as “budget” options. Sometimes, they’ll even have high-end brands on a mega discount!


The young crowd in Melbourne is renowned for being ahead of the top trends that are seen on other continents. This doesn’t only pertain to fashion and food: social media experts also keep updates on the latest trends in fine arts. Stores in all areas of expertise have higher standards for themselves to meet the needs of their customers. Several are converting to “boutique” style, where they’re updating their decor and products to match what is currently “in.”

In art, trends usually pertain to colour schemes and particular styles. Social media can help navigate these often bumpy waters. Right now, pastel colour palettes are favoured amongst younger people. Teens are also adopting a quirky style. Avant-garde themes are making a comeback in a big way. After all, art is all about self-expression.


If you’re building a collection to fulfil a school requirement, buying in bulk may be a good option. Some stores specialise in bulk products at discount prices, and they’ll usually sell premier brands at convenient prices. This strategy also works if you are dedicated to a particular brand. Buying in bulk makes it easier to focus on a project for a longer period.

Online vs. In-Store


Living in a big city like Melbourne may make it seem intimidating to be an in-store shopper. It’s easy to order art supplies from the comfort of your dorm at Uni, but there are pros and cons to both approaches. When you buy in person, you’re more likely to be able to take advantage of sales and coupons that are offered. Sometimes, certain promotions are in-store-only, and you cannot access them online at all. Also, buying in-store helps support smaller businesses within the community. You might even get some beneficial tips from fellow artists that work there!

Being an artist in today’s world is far different than it was a decade ago. There are so many options to choose from! With these tips, it will be easy to find a leading art supply store in Melbourne.

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