What is an as4801 certification

What is an as4801 certification

As4801 certification is a standard for Occupational Health & Safety systems in New Zealand as well as Australian. There are a few companies that provide accreditation for gaining AS4801 certification.

The outlines of the AS4801 shows you the necessary requirements in which your organisation needs to ensure that they are developing a successful safety system. The AS4801 will show all the involved stakeholders and interested parties within your organisation that they have to be committed to ensuring the security of all of their workers and provide a secure work environment. The AS4801 certification is a necessity for a company. It is also a good sign that your business is willing to try to prevent illness and injuries in your workplace, which in terms will also reduce costs if such things were to happen.

This certification is widely accepted in Australia and New Zealand. You can apply it to all sizes of industries, organisations or services and products that the company offers.

Would you like to create an AS4801 system?


In order to create your own AS4801 system, you need to ensure that it meets the minimum set of requirements before your business can be certified.  Below, there are a few outlined steps to help you create a system for safety and occupational health management and present it for certification.

1. You will need to have a deep understanding of your intent for obtaining an AS4801.

Before you start applying for certification, reading through the standard outline will help you to get familiar with terminology involved in AS4801.

2. You must understand the AS4801 requirements that have been set out.

You will have to develop a management system that is in ties with the AS4801 standard. Please ensure that the created management system matches in accordance with the standard.

3. Identify whether or not you are ready to be certified.

You will need to prep your company and employees to ensure that an AS4801 system would be effective. Do a dry run of your management system plans and see if it suits the needs of your company/organisation. By doing this, you will be able to highlight and pinpoint any trouble areas that might require you to engage in the further development of your AS4801 system. You can create a checklist to help you keep track.

4. Now it’s time to go through the certification process.

Get a credible AS4801 accreditation company to conduct evaluations of your organisation. They will be able to tell you definitely if your organisation and AS4801 management plans will be compliant with AS4801 standard.

How to get AS4801 certified?

1. Conduct an AS4801 gap analysis

 This process will begin with a discretionary gap analysis that will show an evaluation of your system and compare it with the clauses within the AS4801.

2. Step One

Now, the first important step is a mandatory part of assessing the management system you have created. The documents that you have provided with your management system will be used to evaluate the system itself by comparing it with the layout in the AS4801 standard. Such things as

  • policies
  • processes
  • records of your management review
  • scope
  • context

These will be analysed thoroughly.

3.  Step two

This stage is the final step toward full certification. Now in order to get certified, the document requirements will be checked to ensure that they are going to be implemented according to the standard within your business. You will get visitations from the accreditation company to discuss how your system would be suitable for your employees.

4. You are certified

Once they have verified your assessment and have completed the process, then you will be issued a certification statement which confirms that you have complied with the standard relevantly. The certificate is going to be valid for a period of 3 years starting upon the date it was issued to you.

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