Top 4 Common Challenges Teachers Face

Top 4 Common Challenges Teachers Face

  1. Names

Imagine having to remember the names of every student in your class for a year and then a new bunch of students fill your class up the next. Great teachers would know each and every student’s name, but such lofty ambitions can be a rigorous and tedious task. Teachers have to not only adapt to the style of the class, but should also try to personalise what is being taught to each individual student. The amount of planning that has to go into such an effort is massive and could easily become a tiring task. There is no wonder why, a lot of teachers experience burnout by the end of it.



  1. Discipline

You know how difficult it can get when you are a parent of a seven-year-old right? Now take that feeling and amplify it by like 1000, that’s how difficult it is to be a teacher. Because unlike having a kid, a teacher needs to be outside of the realm of bias to ensure that he or she is fair to all the children. A teacher needs to be able to manage the class effectively and go on to ensure that disruptive students are not just punished, but also straightened out the right way. Such efforts take time and a lot of planning to do successfully.

  1. Time Management

Teachers need to be able to manage time effectively. They would be required to sort out their entire semester or year to ensure that they have time for everything. When we speak about time management, we are not just referring to the time it takes to complete a class, but the complete planning of everything from tests, grading and other work that is required for the proper development of students as per the requirements of the curriculum.



  1. Age

More often than not what happens is that students or rather kids tend to be troublesome and demeaning towards teachers because they seem to forget that you come from the same century as them. So it would require a lot of convincing for your students to look at you as a member of the same century. It might seem like a stupid thing, but most teachers would agree that acceptance from students is one of the primary motivators for them to continue doing what they do.

These are just some of the challenges that teachers go through on a daily basis.

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